Thanksgiving 2012 with the Blain Family and Friends!

Mary's Pretty Pie! She is clever (okay, don't tell her that I said that) at pie decoration!

Mary used to work with Susie many moons ago. Susie's son-in-law , Larry, volunteered to do the Cajun deep fried turkey for the meal---YUM! Here the men gather around the pot and drink beer. Hope they don't set the house on fire!!! Larry is on the left and Dwain (Mary's husband) is "helping"!

I arrived at Mary's place. The first thing to greet you is Mary's jungle! She has a green thumb!

Larry has the turkey all ready. It has been injected with Cajun spices and is ready to fry!

Step 1 - Larry lowers the turkey into the fryer!

Butt only!

Now let it FRY!

Mary's granddaughter Jodi arrives and brings her daughter Sophia. Sophia is a pistol! She is looking ultra-cool in her brand new walrus outfit and shades! She is just 4 years old!

Sophia knows how to pressure great-grandmother, Mary, by begging. It starts right away!!

Jodi has a great get-up for carrying the newest member of the Blain/Pettifor family. This is Jodi with Thomas who is all of about 5 weeks old!

Larry brings in the bird! Mary and I fight over the skin scraps! Really bad for you...but! That's his wife Kelli in the background. She is a little bit pregnant and due in mid-January!

This is Kelli, Susie's daughter!

This is Mary's granddaughter, Jodi, with new family addition, Thomas! I'm not sure he GETS Thanksgiving yet, but he sure is cute! In the background is Mary and Tom, Jodi's husband and Thomas's father.

Dwain plays the Godfather! He says he wears the shades so you cannot tell whether he is sleeping or not!

Austin. Jodi's brother stops by to say hello and good-by! He and Jacey (his girlfriend) were going to her relatives for Thanksgiving. They spend Christmas with Mary and family.

Oh, my, gosh! MORE FOOD! Mary's son Danny and his wife Carol arrive with even MORE food!! Notice that Danny is ready to watch the Texans game!

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