Squirrel Watch

Butch on perimeter watch...."Come on, Sundance, I see the little bugger!"

"Where?" says Sundance..."Geesh, are you blind?! Right THERE!" says Butch. "Aw, forget it, you're seeing things!" says Sundance.

"COME ON...Sundance!" says Butch..."He's REALLY there this time...I swear!"

Sundance says " I don't see any squirrels!" "Mom, please, make the squirrel come back! Sundance thinks I am nuts!" says Butch.

"Okay, I will try from higher up. Nope, no squirrel, " says Sundance. " I think you're seeing things, Butch!" (Notice that there is a squirrel up on the branch...poor, Sundance!)

"I swear he was RIGHT THERE!" says Butch. "Yeah, right...", says Sundance.

And Finally...."Ah, HA! I can see him from up here! I AM WATCHING YOU!" says Sundance.

Sundance says , "I don't see any stupid squirrel!" (Notice that the squirrel has popped out from beind the tree just as Sundance gives up!)

" Heh...heh...heh...I LOVE tormenting cats!"

"Boy this nut is good!"